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How fast time flies. This is now the 5th year that I have been acting as Editor. We start the New Year with articles ranging from one on the earliest known Britains catalogues by John Franklin to a celebration of some late 1960s U.S. tinplate toys by Will Beierwaltes.

Bill Anderson chips in with his latest piece on Britains sets, focusing this time on the pre WW I conflict in the Balkans that set the road to the Great War.

Will Beierwaltes article in the previous issue generated a flurry of correspondence on Feix and the German connection, which has resulted in a followup article.

Richard Forrester and Norman Joplin, continue with their focus on early British hollowcast competitors of Britains, with a fascinating piece on the Naval Landing Party previously attributed to Reka – but maybe not! Read on to find out more.

There is good news about Shows and similar events with the West Coaster, Kulmbach and Chicagoland confirmed for 2024. We have various reports on recent shows in Europe, but no one has stepped up to let us know what has been happening this side of the pond. Let’s hear about what’s been happening in your area so that we can help to encourage people to go along and join in the fun.

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