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Can anyone help in identifying the two figures shown in the accompanying photos? These large scale figures, shown next to a standard Britains Fusilier to show the size, are well over 100mm and both hollowcast. They are possibly intended as Spanish types from the uniforms, but does any reader recognise the maker or precise units represented?

Thanks to Peter Richards for sending in the following figure. This was purchased in France on eBay as part of a large group, including figures by CBG Mignot. It appears to be a previously unrecorded USA standard bearer. The figure is based on the Britains chauffeur body casting, with a head as used for the Scout master. The paint style and characteristic flag strongly suggest this is a Britains Paris Office figure. It is interesting to speculate what other troops he might have led into battle as the Doughboys joined the Great War. Although not in great shape, with damage to the ankles and the flag, when will we see another example?

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