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Rare Pixyland Kew Cricket set spotted on one of
the specialist lead figure dealer’s table

It is a while since I managed to attend this fair in the South of England, but it rarely disappoints, and this time was no exception. Undoubtedly the best general toy fair in the UK, probably the best in Europe, it now takes place 4 times a year. With around 500 tables it is a huge event with vintage toys to suit every taste. For those interested in lead figures and related items it is always a great source, with a large number of specialist dealers attending regularly. Often the best finds are from the non-specialist dealers who may have turned up some interesting items interspersed with the trains, cars, dolls and other toys which are their main focus.

The event takes place just outside central London at the Sandown Park
race course.

There will be three more shows in 2024:
– Saturday 18th May 2024
– Saturday 7th September 2024
– Saturday 16th November 2024

Highlight of the show as far as I was concerned was a boxed set of the Pixyland Kew Cricketers (for more details see the Reconnaissance pages). However, there were many more delights on offer for collectors of toy soldiers and related items, including a boxed Britains St John’s Ambulance set, and many more military and civilian figures.

For more info see:

A typical Sandown table with all manner of toys, including a Triang fort and many lead figures
Regular contributor Harry Kemp’s table
More interesting lead – part of a Heyde set
Harry offers an interesting take on
the dancing couple with this Dutch example – probably by Heyde?
T&B Jazz Band offered on the same table

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